Friday, July 28, 2006

Older Mommies In The U.K.

Here's a bit of news from Scotland, where not surprisingly, newly released figures reveal that women are waiting a lot longer to have babies.  Of course, Scotland is not unique, as this is part of a wider trend all over Europe, and certainly in the United States.  Interestingly, in Scotland, the fertility clinics generally only treat women up until the age of 40, whereas in the U.S., many clinics treat women well into their early to mid forties.  Presumably, as women delay childbearing in Scotland, the clinics will be seeing (and treating) older women as well.

More mothers give birth at 30-plus - The Herald

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Less Needles - Hurray!

For those who are considering infertility treatments, but are put off by the thought of taking fertility shots every day, a new product might be available soon that would allow women to take a shot of fertility drugs that would last a whole week.  This would have major benefits as daily injections is one of the most difficult aspects of infertility treatment.

Dutch company, Organon, announced this week that it would begin the final phase of clinical trials to test a long-lasting form of a hormone that stimulates ovaries to release eggs.

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