Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Smoking Increases Chances of Conceiving A Girl

A new study suggests that couples who smoke have a much higher chance of having a girl than a boy.  It seems that something in the smoke reduces the chance of the "male" sperm from fertilizing an egg.  What's alarming about this article is there is an actual concern that couples wanting a girl might take up smoking in order to increase their chances of having one.  I know that it's easy to resort to desperate measures when you want a child very badly, but taking up smoking to favor having a particular gender??  That is really pathetic.  And just in case anyone is seriously thinking along those lines...smoking increases the chances of miscarriage and can have negative effect on fertility overall, so definitely not a good idea.

Smokers more likely to have girls: study
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 1 hour ago
An Australian fertility expert has voiced concern that the startling results could encourage wannabe parents to take up the habit to control their baby's ...

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