Sunday, September 24, 2006

Looking For Pregnancy Symptoms?

Anyone who is trying really hard to get pregnant, knows just what it's like to interpret every possible change in their body as being a "symptom of pregnancy."  Sore boobs, fatigue, nausea, are all viewed as a sign of pregnancy, even though they are often not a sign of anything unusual at all.  This article will make you laugh if you can relate to the obsessiveness of looking for symptoms every month.

When 'fake pregnancy symptoms' turn real - Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription)

When 'fake pregnancy symptoms' turn real
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription),  USA - 4 hours ago
Did you get obsessive while trying to get pregnant? Did you report pregnancy symptoms to friends and family? Any woman who has tried ...

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Grieving A Loss

This article talks about a subject that definitely needs more attention...coping with the loss of a baby.  This is something that unfortunately happens to some women in their quest to have a baby, and it can happen at various stages of pregnancy or even in early infancy.

When a baby dies, a lifetime of hopes and dreams are lost as well — the future the parents had imagined with their child. It doesn’t matter how that loss comes: miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or in infancy. To the parents, the bond with the baby was very real.

La Crosse Tribune - 6.0

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