Thursday, September 28, 2006

Falling Fertility

This article is a "must read" if you are trying to get pregnant.  While it's a bit depressing to hear how fertility in general is plummeting, there is a lot of useful information hightlighting many of the things that can decrease your chances of getting pregnant.

Human fertility is in crisis....Sperm counts are in freefall, while sexually transmitted diseases and obesity - both of which seriously harm our ability to reproduce - are increasing. Our environment, stress and the vices we embrace all chip away at our natural fertility.

Fertility rights and wrongs - Pregnancy & IVF - Health In Focus -

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Avoid Pregnancy Related Diabetes

We're constantly hearing how good nutrition can improve your chances of getting pregnant, and also makes for a healthier pregnancy.  In keeping with this premise, increasing fiber intake can help prevent the development of gestational diabetes.  Read more..

If you're a woman planning to get pregnant, you might want to pump up your fiber intake. Doing so could make you less likely to develop gestational diabetesgestational diabetes, researchers report in the October edition of Diabetes Care.

Planning a Pregnancy? Eat Your Fiber

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