Thursday, August 10, 2006

Increase In Twinning

Some new research is showing that there has been a steady increase over the last 80 years in identical twins, whereby the egg naturally splits in two after fertilization.  The increase is occuring in natural conceptions as well as IVF conceptions.  Why is this happening?  Read more....

"Over the last 100 years there has been an increase in identical twinning through the division of the embryo into two, even without IVF"

Better Diet A Factor In Rise Of Twin Pregnancies

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Endometriosis From Too Many Burgers?

Here's a look at some research linking the consumption of red meat to endometriosis, a condition which can cause infertility in women.  In this article, the author is suggesting that women stay away from all red meat if they're trying to get pregnant. 

The message to women is clear: if you want to be able to reproduce, if you want to experience less pain, and if you want to remain disease-free for life, it's time to seriously think about taking red meat out of your diet. No beef, no ham, no pepperoni pizza.

Endometriosis caused by eating red meat and avoiding fresh vegetables, says research; infertility may result

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