Friday, June 05, 2009

Get Support From Other Women Trying to Get Pregnant

 One of the very best things that I did when I was going through my struggle to get pregnant, was to find other women who were going through the same thing.  Most women can find the situation to be very isolating, because it is not usually a subject they feel comfortable talking about to friends and family.  Often couples keep it to themselves that they are having difficulty in getting pregnant, while they listen to the constant questions posed to them about "When are you going to have a baby already?"  I found tremendous comfort in sharing my experience and listening to the experiences of others who were also trying to get pregnant.  How?  By joining an online support group!  There are many such groups around the internet but the one that I strongly recommend is called CafeMom. I LOVE this site because it is made up of women at various stages of being a "mom."  The members are a combination of women who are trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, and already a mom.  What's great is that there are various groups you can join and you will be surprised how much comfort you can gain by reading the posts of other women and also sharing your own thoughts and feelings.  The support is tremendous and it can greatly contribute to relieving some of the stress associated with the struggle to conceive.  And since research shows that stress can reduce fertility, this can mean that joining this site may actually help you to get pregnant!

There is no fee to join, so go check it out right now! Go to CafeMom 

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