Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Procreation Vacation

While there is no scientific evidence to prove it, many agree that stress can play a role in a couple's ability to get pregnant.  It is no wonder then, that the idea of a relaxing vacation to help couples de-stress, and increase their chances of conceiving a baby is getting very popular.  Especially since the struggle to conceive can sometimes take a toll on the marriage.  Taking a break in a relaxing environment certainly couldn't hurt...and may just be what the doctor ordered to increase your chances of conception.

Procreation Vacation
WTMJ-TV, WI - 1 hour ago
Fertility expert Dr. Jacob Glock says the anxiety and stress of trying to get pregnant, actually affect fertility. "Although there's no scientific evidence ...

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Emotional Support During The Fertility Struggle

If you've been trying to have a baby and it's been a difficult struggle, you probably know how important it is to get emotional support from those around you.  Unfortunately, many times fertility is a very private issue, not often discussed with friends and family.  There are alot of ways to get this type of support online, through forums and blogs.  Once such blog, by a woman named Tertia who's incredible journey ultimately resulted in the birth of her two beautiful children, is a very worthy read.  Check it out...

So Close - Tertia Albertyn
Tonight,?South Africa?- 23 hours ago
So Close - Tertia Albertyn's compelling and yet humorous account of her battle with infertility - has it genesis in her blog (www.tertia.org) which she ..

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

High Risk Pregnancies On The Rise

Age is one factor which can contribute to a high risk pregnancy.  Many more women over 40 are having babies, so that contributes to the increase in high risk pregnancies.  But also, more and more women with life threatening conditions such as organ transplant recipients, breast cancer survivors, and even women with HIV are getting pregnant and having healthy babies.  More..

Bad News, Good News On Pregnancy (CBS News)

The number of high-risk pregnancies is on the rise in the U.S. ? in some cases due to older moms, and in others, women deciding to try childbirth despite health challenges that would have made pregnancy unthinkable only a few years ago.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Support During The Infertility Struggle

For women experiencing the struggle of trying to conceive a child, it can be a very isolating experience. The subject of infertility is often kept secret, leaving women without an outlet to express their pain, and get much needed support. Enter the on-line world, where anonymity allows for mutual sharing of common experiences, which can make the journey on the way to parenthood an easier road. There are many blogs that have cropped up...journals women write to share their experience, which often includes infertility treatments. More....

Blogs help infertile couples feel less alone (Kansas City Star)

On June 9, 2005, Larisa Bourgeois of Austin, Texas, wrote in her new blog, “If Katie Holmes gets pregnant before me … well, it won’t be pretty.”

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dealing With Pregnancy Loss

Having dealt with several miscarriages myself, I know firsthand that most people do not know what to say or how to act around someone who has experienced a pregnancy loss. This article gives a great overview of dealing with miscarriage, including what to say and what ot to say. If you've suffered a loss, or know someone else who has, read on....

When someone you know loses a baby
Pregnancy and Baby,?AZ?- 4 hours ago
Don't remind the couple they can get pregnant again. Again, this may be true, but it doesn't diminish a couple's hurt over the lost child. ...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stress And Fertility Link

Time and again there is the suggestion that stress can reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. There is absolutely no scientific proof of this, yet there are countless women who believe it and therefore try out stress reducing methods such as acupuncture, yoga, etc. to help reduce the stress and help them to conceive. This article gives an overview of the link that stress may have to a woman's ability to get pregnant...

On fertile ground: Stress and conception
SheKnows.com, AZ - 13 hours ago
... most of which end with the cliched assertion that if you want to get pregnant all you have to do is stop trying so hard and relax. ...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Yoga For Fertility?

There are quite a few alternative approaches to improve fertility that many couples are now using, such as acupuncture, reflexology, hypnosis, and now yoga.  All of these methods offer the benefit of increased relaxation, and perhaps something else.  Unfortunately, there is not alot of scientific proof that any of these methods can help women get pregnant, but there are increasing numbers of anecdotal stories told by couples convinced that it made the difference in helping them to have a baby.  More...

Fertility Yoga Helps Wichita Women
KAKE, KS - 21 hours ago
2-18-07 - More than 9.3 million women in the US are using some sort of infertility treatment, but some local families are turning to an alternative to ...

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trying To Conceive? Don't Drink!

Most women are aware that they shouldn't drink alcohol when pregnant as it can cause damage to the developing baby.   But there is some controversy over the degree of drinking that is safe.  Some doctors say it's ok to have a drink from time to time when you are pregnant.  Some new research suggests that no amount of drinking is safe.  That's right, none!  Read more...

Want to ave a drink while pregnant? Just say no
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, MO - 29 minutes ago
... to post signs that drinking while pregnant can cause birth defects. But that's about it so far. There's no state-supported campaign to get the word out. ...

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Breeding Brighter Babies?

Twenty years ago, there was an idea to match up high IQ women with similarly genius sperm donors, in an effort to create smarter babies.  These children are all grown up now so the question remains, did it work?  And if these kids did turn out to be "superior", do we in fact know if it was their genes that had a profound influence or perhaps it was the environment they were raised in.  Read on...

"Genius" Sperm Breed Brighter Babies? (KGO-TV Bay Area)

Can science breed brighter babies? That was the idea behind the Nobel Sperm Bank. The babies are all grown up now -- so how did they turn out?

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Eating Fish When Pregnant Raises IQ Of Child

If you're trying to get pregnant, chances are you've heard some of the warnings about eating fish.  Some fish have high mercury levels that can cause developmental problems in the developing baby.  On the flip side, fish has some fantastic health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids that new research says may improve the child's future IQ.  More...

Pregnant mothers should eat fish to get brainy children, says new ...
Earthtimes.org - 12 hours ago
The researchers said if pregnant women are not given their weekly intake to 340 grams of fish and seafood, they will not get protection for their children ...

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Look At Acupuncture To Help Conception

I'm already a big believer in acupuncture as an alternative approach to help women get pregnant.  Some research has already shown that it can improve the chances of success with IVF, but more women are using it as a natural alternative to IVF.  And it seems to be helping many women get pregnant who were having difficulty before.  I think acupuncture is eventually going to be a standard treatment for women who are trying to conceive, but for now, it certainly is worth looking into if nothing else is working.  It certainly can't hurt!

Acupuncture gives couples fertility hope
Canada.com, Canada - 5 hours ago
"My fertility doctor couldn't find anything wrong. One day I woke up and decided to check out acupuncture. I did some research on the Internet, ...

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is It Safe To Have A Baby After 40?

Women over 40 having babies is hardly a unique event anymore.  The age of women giving birth has been steadily rising for a while now, yet the question still sparks some heated debate.  There are many different issues to consider for women pursuing a pregnancy later in life, but as far as health issues, many of the risks stated can be overcome with good preconception care and attention to good health on the part of the woman.  Read more...

Is it Safe to Have a Baby After Age 40?
WILX-TV, MI - 8 hours ago
"As a parent I know it's really a bad thing to get pregnant when you're too old and set in your ways. But as far as a health point of view, ...

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Can Hypnosis Affect Fertility?

I'm all for exploring alternative means to try and help women get pregnant, and a new method seems to warrant some attention.  Hypnosis, which is probably most popular for helping people quit smoking, is now being explored as a means to help women conceive.  Perhaps it helps with stress, or maybe addresses some other issues, but the bottom line is that it seems to be helping some women to get pregnant, which is the ultimate goal.  More research is needed to check the validity of hypnosis as a fertility treatment, but since it certainly can't do any harm, it seems worth a try.  Read more..
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Celebrities With Fertility Problems

If you are going through your own struggles to get pregnant and have a baby, you may find some comfort in reading about many famous couples who have been through the same thing.  This site gives details on the many couples who have struggled with infertility and also discusses the successes they had.  Read on...

Celebrities that have Struggled with Fertility - Celebrity Baby Blog

Celebrities that have Struggled with Fertility
Celebrity Baby Blog, NY - 13 hours ago
Like any other normal couple, celebrities struggle with infertility at times. A variety of couples have struggled for years to concieve. ...

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

PCOS Treatment Options Tested

If you have PCOS or know someone who does, this is important news.  It seems the preferred treatment for PCOS turns out not to be the best choice, according to some new research.  The pregnancy rate for women using Metformin, the current drug of choice, was lower than for those women using clomiphene.  Read more...

Study: Clomiphene Best On PCOS Infertility (CBS News)

Clomiphene, one of the oldest treatments for a common cause of infertility, is still the best one, according to findings from a study that experts say will have a major impact on clinical practice.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Waiting Womb - A New Novel

I always have a particular interest in novels that have a "fertility" theme.  I guess I find it appealing in that I can relate to what the characters are going through in their struggle to have a baby. That being said, there is a new fictional account of a couples difficulties in trying to start a family, which looks like it has some humor to it, which should make it a good read.  Check it out...I certainly plan to.

An inspiration for anyone who is trying to conceive or who is considering adoption, The Waiting Womb is the perfect read for any woman who feels she is going through infertility alone. Ms. Sayre delivers strong female characters and lots of laughs. There is no control over life or fertility, suggests Sayre, but there are always unexpected miracles.

Blazingly Honest Novel Presents a Realistic Portrait of Coping with Infertility

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Fertility Patch To Predict Ovulation

There's a new product in the works, and frankly it sounds too good to be true.  It's been said many times that the most critical factor in getting pregnant is knowing when you are ovulating.  Since conception can only occur during those few days leading up to ovulation, knowing your "fertile window" is key to the timing of intercourse.  Unfortunately, many women are not able to determine when they are ovulating, even though there are various methods available, ie. BBT charting, ovulation predictor kits, etc.  This new product claims it will be able to pinpoint ovulation easily.  Read more...

New patch a 'failsafe' fertility barometer (Business Weekly)

A revolutionary stick-on patch that pinpoints when a woman is most fertile could boost the chances of conception for would-be mums and eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancy for others.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Could Your Shampoo Hurt Your Chance Of Conceiving?

There's been a lot of media attention of late about the relationship between the environment and infertility.  There is no doubt that some  environmental toxins can have a damaging effect of the reproductive system, both make and female.  Now there seems to be some research pointing to certain chemicals, such as those found in fragrance which might be harmful if trying to get pregnant.  Read more...

Synthetic chemicals may disrupt reproduction (Contra Costa Times)

SAN FRANCISCO - Synthetic chemicals in food, lotions, shampoos, baby bottles, appliances and many other consumer goods disrupt the exquisitely timed chemical reactions that lead to pregnancy and birth, scientists say.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm here without you baby

I ran across this video and I found it very moving. It reminded me of some of my feelings when I was going through my own personal struggle to have a baby. I think it will touch your heart, whether you are currently having problems getting pregnant or know someone else who is.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fertility Gems

With Valentine's Day coming up, what better gift than a bracelet or necklage made of gems that are supposed to promote fertility.  I came across this site that sells assorted handcrafted jewelry that symbolize fertility.  Also sold are charms for those who have experienced a pregnancy loss.  Have a look...


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Saturday, February 03, 2007

An Alternative Way To Have A Baby

With technological advances, new options for having babies continues to increase.  Due to the rising number of IVF attempts, there continue to be more and more embryos frozen with these cycles.  Many of these embryos never get used and are held in storage.  Now, for couples who can't give birth on their own, these frozen embryos are becoming available for adoption.  More....

Snowflake babies are new option for infertile couples
WTHR, IN - 7 hours ago
Johnson County - Dealing with infertility can be devastating, and for many couples adoption is the only option. But what about the women who hope to ...

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Reproductive Specialist Names Outrageous Fertility Myths

I agree there are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of conception/fertility.  This article by a reproductive specialist discusses several myths that have been around for some time about getting pregnant.  Being a medical doctor, it stands to reason he would declare something to be a myth if there is no scientific studies or evidence proving that it works.  But in the world of fertility there are so many anecdotal stories relating to some of these myths, I have to wonder if we should ignore them just because there isn't enough scientific evidence.  A good example is the claim that stress can cause difficulty with conception.  This is a very controversial topic and while science hasn't proven it, I'm not sure I agree with the good doctor that stress doesn't have any impact on getting pregnant.  I have heard too much anecdotal evidence stating otherwise.  Read the list for yourself and draw your own conclusions....

Stress Causes Infertility (Fiction) The fact is, that while it is possible, although rare, for stress to cause infertility, it is far more common for infertility to cause stress. The role stress plays in a person's fertility is complicated. Evidence indicating stress as a cause of infertility is minimal. There are rare occasions when extreme stress can interfere with normal ovulation in women and may reduce sperm production in men. Stress can also affect a relationship by keeping a couple from the intimacy of intercourse.

Fertility Fact or Fiction? Chicago Reproductive Endocrinologist Sheds Some Light on Outrageous Fertility Myths and Facts You Need to Know

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Early Pregnancy Loss Is Fairly Common But Still Devastating

Early miscarriages are quite common.  About 15-20% of women will have a miscarriage in early pregnancy.  There are many causes for the loss, and many times it is the body's way of protecting against the birth of a baby with serious defects.  This article has a good overview of miscarriage--the causes and experience.

When a woman loses her baby
Jamaica Gleaner, Jamaica - Jan 30, 2007
A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks. About 15-20 per cent of women will have a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. ...

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