Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Are Alternative Therapies Hurting Your Chances of Pregnancy?

Some new research has come out claiming that women using alternative therapies along with IVF have a reduced chance of getting pregnant.  This research is likely to cause some confusion as many women turn to alternative therapies to help increase their chances of pregnancy.  The truth is, the study doesn't differentiate between women using herbal treatments and those using relaxation techniques such as acupuncture and/or reflexology.  It makes sense that mixing herbs with infertility drugs could cause potential problems, but it seems ridiculous that stress relieving treatments could do anything other than help. 

Alternative therapies 'cut IVF fertility rates',?United Kingdom?- 10 hours ago
Researchers found women who used complementary and alternative therapies (CATs) while undergoing fertility treatment were 30 per cent less likely to become ...