Friday, February 02, 2007

Reproductive Specialist Names Outrageous Fertility Myths

I agree there are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of conception/fertility.  This article by a reproductive specialist discusses several myths that have been around for some time about getting pregnant.  Being a medical doctor, it stands to reason he would declare something to be a myth if there is no scientific studies or evidence proving that it works.  But in the world of fertility there are so many anecdotal stories relating to some of these myths, I have to wonder if we should ignore them just because there isn't enough scientific evidence.  A good example is the claim that stress can cause difficulty with conception.  This is a very controversial topic and while science hasn't proven it, I'm not sure I agree with the good doctor that stress doesn't have any impact on getting pregnant.  I have heard too much anecdotal evidence stating otherwise.  Read the list for yourself and draw your own conclusions....

Stress Causes Infertility (Fiction) The fact is, that while it is possible, although rare, for stress to cause infertility, it is far more common for infertility to cause stress. The role stress plays in a person's fertility is complicated. Evidence indicating stress as a cause of infertility is minimal. There are rare occasions when extreme stress can interfere with normal ovulation in women and may reduce sperm production in men. Stress can also affect a relationship by keeping a couple from the intimacy of intercourse.

Fertility Fact or Fiction? Chicago Reproductive Endocrinologist Sheds Some Light on Outrageous Fertility Myths and Facts You Need to Know

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