Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Infertility Tale

Once in a while I come across an article written by someone going through the personal struggle of trying to conceive and it brings me back to the time when I was going through a similar journey.  These experiences are shared in the hopes of allowing others to realize they are not alone, and I think they truly succeed.

Can't Get Pregnant? You Are Not Alone, OH - May 25, 2007
They get pregnant the first time they try. They get pregnant every time they try. Imagine my surprise when after a year of trying I still wasn’t pregnant. ...

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Here's An Easy Tip To Get Pregnant

Looking for something to help boost your odds of getting pregnant?  Try eating a bowl of vitamin fortified cereal every day which contains vitamin B6, thought to be helpful in improving conception odds.  More..

Trying to get pregnant? Eat cereal
Bounty, UK - May 21, 2007
Its reproductive benefits are already well known in medical circles, as women who take B6 supplements while pregnant are believed to be less likely to ...

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Monday, May 21, 2007

New Underwear To Protect Fertility

It's understandable that couples who are trying to have a baby would go to great lengths to adjust their lifestyle to improve their chances of conception.  Many adopt such practices such as avoiding smoking, alcohol and hot tubs.  But it seems like new products aimed at couples trying to conceive are starting to border on the ridiculous.  Here's an article featuring a new type of underwear that protects against the threat of impaired fertility due to cell phones.  Read more...

Cell Phone Radiation Protection with Isabodywear Underwear
RealTechNews, CA - 11 hours ago
Last year I wrote about a possible link between cell phone radiation and infertility … well, all your worries could be gone, if you try out this new ...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stress of Fertility Problems

This is a wonderful article for anyone going through a struggle trying to get pregnant.  So many of the key topics are covered here...Have a read...

Fertility stress (Minnesota Women's Press)

Christina was 34 when she and her husband liberated themselves from birth control with the intent of building their family. After two years of disappointing monthly periods, they reluctantly went to see a fertility specialist for diagnostic tests of sperm and hormone levels.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

More Alternative Therapies

Although science can't prove it (yet!), more and more couples are turning to alternative medicine to help them to get pregnant.  Acupuncture and herbal remedies are being sought after as an alternative to expensive and invasive fertility treatments or sometimes to accompany them.  More.....

Couples turn to alternative medicine to treat infertility (subscription), WA - May 8, 2007
When it comes to seeking out expensive infertility treatments, some couples try to boost their odds by turning to alternative medicine. ...

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Frozen Eggs On The Rise

This is a really interesting article about how single women in their late thirties and early forties are dealing with their ticking biological clocks.  These women do not have a current partner to have a baby with, and they know that they are running out of time as far as the quality of their eggs are concerned.  Egg freezing is now a viable option, however it unfortunately has much better results if the eggs are frozen when a woman is in her twenties, not her late thirties or early forties.  The irony is, most women at age 25 are not thinking about the possiblility of being 40 without a partner and wanting a baby at that time.  Read more...

A new fertility gamble for women
International Herald Tribune,?France?- 20 hours ago
Older women face higher risks of miscarriage, infertility , and chromosomal defects, apparently because egg quality declines. Using eggs from younger donors ...


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