Thursday, July 06, 2006

Older Mom To Be?

As women further their careers, and put off having children, they find that when they finally do settle down to the business of getting pregnant, it requires a bit of planning, armed with lots of information, to improve their chances.  While we all generally know "how to make a baby" in the general sense, there are things you can do (and things not to do) to greatly improve your chances.  Most women over 30 or 35, want this information so the process will be easier and faster.  Here's an interesting look at one such method to help....

She wants to get pregnant ASAP -

She wants to get pregnant ASAP, MS - 4 hours ago
... I am aware of the risk of late age pregnancy and I would like to get pregnant as soon as possible. ... Women who want to get pregnant also can use the SDM. ...

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