Monday, November 06, 2006

Should You Book A "Procreation Vacation"?

OK, so I'm not sure if these procreation vacations, or otherwise known as "conception-moons" are really about helping couples conceive, or are just a marketing ploy by various resorts to get more business.  I think anything that encourages couples to relax can only help when trying to get pregnant, but it's not like these couples are going away on vacation to "make a baby".  There is only a limited few days a month when this is possible, and it's not likely to be during the few days you happened to book your vacation (unless you're really tuned in to your ovulation schedule).  If it helps couples to relax and have a new relaxed attitude when trying to conceive, then I'm all for it, but hopefully there are no false promises that this mini vacation is going to result in a pregnancy....
Need help getting pregnant? Book a procreation vacation
Seattle Times, United States - 4 hours ago
... trend that has hotels around the world luring conception-minded couples by providing everything from onsite sex doctors to age-old fertility boosters promised ...

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