Saturday, November 11, 2006

Uterine Transplant May Be Possible

There are many medical reasons why a women may not be able to get pregnant.  One of these could be a problem with her uterus.  At present, without a functioning uterus, a woman would have to have a surrogate carry her baby if she wanted her own biological child.  Now it looks like technology may be changing that.  A New York doctor will be attempting to do a transplant of a uterus in order to help some women to have a baby.  More...

Whether it's the result of a benign tumor or even cervical cancer, some women don't have a functioning uterus and just can't carry a baby. A uterine transplant might let them do it, but it carries a lot of risks.

Uterine Transplant Could Help Infertile Women - HealthWatch - | WMAQ

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