Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Miscarriage Risks

If you've ever experienced a miscarriage, or have worried about the possibility of miscarriage in early pregnancy, take a look at this article which focuses on some new research.  There have always been some known risk factors for miscarriage, such as increased maternal age, but some of the other widely accepted factors, such as smoking and drinking were actually challenged.  It should be noted however, even if there is no link to miscarriage from smoking and drinking, these practices can still cause harm to the growing baby and should definitely be avoided.  Read more..

Age and stress associated with pregnancy loss (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

A UK population-based study of risk factors for first-trimester miscarriage confirms the importance of established risk factors, such as maternal age, and finds no support for popular beliefs about the effects of caffeine and working during pregnancy.

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