Friday, July 07, 2006

My Story

I guess this should really have been my very first post, but I got a little carried away introducing some interesting articles, etc. that I came across and thought you might find useful.  So, here's my story....I have always wanted to have children but didn't get married until the age of 35, so already my chances of having a healthy baby were compromised due to age as soon as we decided to start trying (I was 36 by that time).  Now of course, like everyone else, I knew HOW to get pregnant--I mean, we all know the basics, right ; )  But I'm the kind of person that is a bit of a research fanatic (my friends would definitely agree), so I decided that since I was a bit on the older side, it would be important to learn if there were any ways to try to speed up the process. There had to be things to do (and not do) to increase the likelihood and speed of getting pregnant.  I didn't want to just "wing it" and find myself a year later still not pregnant and feeling like I could have used that time more wisely by learning the very best ways to do it.  And I was right!  I learned so many ways to increase the chance of getting pregnant both by doing certain things and not doing others.  I plan on sharing much of that on this blog, and pointing you to any interesting current news which might help you to achieve your goal.  I'll share more next time....I'd love to hear your stories, feel free to comment below.


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