Friday, July 07, 2006

The Pregnancy Trend

I find it amazing that so many people are interested in the pregnancies of major celebrities.  Having a baby is definitely not something to be done because everyone else is doing it, be it friends or celebrities.  Many celebrities are going through their own difficulties in getting pregnant, as is occasionally cited in the media.  How they resolved those problems would be much more meaningful reading material, in my opinion, rather than just admiring all the pregnant bellies as if it's an accessory.  Comments?

Q&A: How Did It Get Trendy to Be Pregnant? - Newsweek

Q&A: How Did It Get Trendy to Be Pregnant?
Newsweek?- 5 hours ago
... Excerpts: NEWSWEEK: It seems like pregnancy is almost hip right now. Julia Beck: It is definitely hip to be pregnant right now. ...

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